Aleksandros Status Sheet

NameAleksandrosHuman Ascendant 
ClassSoul EaterSoul ReaperLegendary Rank
Level101Total Level 11
Vitality50075Total HP 575
Soul Potential  Total SP 900
PHY. ATK305Total 35
PHY. DEF303Total 33
Agility304Total 34
AbilitiesAstral Soul projection (LEGENDARY) (The ability to project one’s soul out of their physical body. Both visual and auditory Information is transmitted to the ability user through the projection. The Astral Soul projection can be housed within a created subordinate or minion, works with ‘Soul Marionettes’, ‘Soul Puppets’, and subordinates created through the ‘Soul System.’ Increased range and duration)
Soul Realm (LEGENDARY) (Creates an even larger dimensional plane within the soul of the user. This plane is a real space where any object other than living beings and even some structures can be stored or placed, the size is equivalent to a large city)Banshee’s wail (LEGENDARY) (Soul wraiths manifested through soul potential, ability to devour souls instantly of classes below advanced, kill instantly up to level 75 advanced class beings, negative status effect: stun, confusion, or temporary paralysis up to level 90 advanced class beings in range)Soul System (LEGENDARY) (Upgraded creation menu, Create new life and upgrade them, no longer limited to only Humans but can’t create divine races, Limited to Master class beings)Soul puppet (LEGENDARY) (Create puppets from deceased beings with classes, cost varies based on class and level of being, Limited to advanced class level 90 beings, Limited to 1 advanced puppet and 3 intermediate or lower class beings, Duration: 3 days)Soul analysis (Legendary) (Allows user to analyse a target. Receive information on status of the target including detailed information of their abilities. May be used on Legendary class and below beings)
  Soul Reaping (Ability to devour all souls of deceased within 100 feet range of user)Soul Marionette (Instantly create marionettes of all beings in range below advanced class, Marionettes are similar to Soul puppets however their duration is limited to 1 day and their intelligence is limited to basic commands)Soul Mirage (Defensive ability, nulls both PHY. ATK and Magic as long as in effect, requires constant High SP consumption to be maintained)Soul Tendrils (Soul attack, Spiritual Tendrils which attack Vitality directly, ignores all defenses of those below the users level, Does damage based on Soul Potential consumed) 

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