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With a strong interest in Japanese light novels, I got tired of reading a series only having to wait forever for translations or having translations end prematurely. Not blaming the translators here, these guys are great, doing work for little gain. I appreciate their efforts, but it just isn't enough to sate my appetite. So, I decided to write one of my own. This is the story of how it all began.

Updating site

Working on updating the site. There probably won’t be any more translations here but I do have my own original fictions I am working on and will upload here. I need to really update all of the sections and such and remove some of the things. I plan to do a big rewrite for a lot of Fayde of the Void going forward and I have rewritten and will add more to Empire of Souls (which is my main focus right at this time).


Update after a long silence

Sorry for not updating for a long time. Been quite busy and haven’t been able to do much writing or translating. The translators who had originally agreed to work with me have pretty much all disappeared but there is a new translator I am working with now.

We have decided to do Nidome no Yuusha from the beginning. Originally, I had asked Yoshi if I could continue the story since he had stopped translating it and he had given me permission to continue the story. Another group asked a different person (someone Yoshi works with) after we had asked Yoshi and also got permission.

There was a bit of miscommunication and they had uploaded their translation right on the same day we were going to upload ours. Either way, I didn’t say anything at the time and just ignored it.

So, to make a long story short, we are going to translate Nidome No Yuusha starting from the very beginning in our own way.

I plan to do another chapter of Emperor! He can see stats!? some time soon too. Translations will be slow for this though.

New Chapter of Unrivaled Divinity has been put up and there will be new chapters of Fayde of the Void going up too.

Delay on all releases

There is a delay on all releases as the title says. Currently, things are very hectic and my time is limited for the time being but I should have time in the near future to update the site with new chapters of fictions on the site. Hopefully, I will be able to translate some more chapters soon of Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles and Emperor! He can see stats!? but no guarantees. I apologize for the delays, but unfortunately I just don’t have the time.

Couldn’t update the site with vol 3 chapters yesterday sorry

As the title says, I couldn’t update yesterday with chapters of Volume 3 of Fayde of the Void, sorry about that.

Updated 3 chapters today so it is now up to chapter 7 of Volume 3. I will update with another 3 chapters tomorrow so it will be up to date with chapter 10.


As for translations, I don’t know when I will be able to update new chapters so I apologize for that but I am currently very busy and only have so much time.

Fayde of the Void Volume 3 Marathon

As I mentioned last week, from Monday to Friday of this week I will be posting 2 to 3 chapters a day for the new Volume 3 of Fayde of the Void.

After this week, it will return to the normal schedule of 2 to 3 chapters a week!

The Prologue and Chapters 1 and 2 are now up.

I will also be updating my Patreon and more actively posting new chapters on there first.

New Chapter of Unrivaled and Fayde of the Void Volume 3 and translation news.


Just updated the site with the latest chapter of Unrivaled Divinity, check it out.


Fayde of the Void Volume 3 has already begun and it is the beginning of the Second Arc. There are already several chapters on RRL. I will updating this site with the existing chapters of Fayde of the Void Volume 3 soon. Next week I am going to attempt to do a marathon for Fayde of the Void Volume 3 and release 1 chapter a day from Monday to Friday (all brand new chapters) and I will upload the current existing chapters as well!

Look forward to it, thanks for reading.

Regarding Translations, while I am still planning on releasing chapters for Otherworld Nation Chronicles and Emperor! He can see stats!? They are currently NOT a priority. If I have an opportunity and the will to translate than I will.

If anyone wishes to translate chapters of either of these, feel free to do so. Just let me know so we can coordinate in case I translate another chapter of either of them!

Latest Update

Just posted a chapter of Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles and will now start work on the next chapter of Emperor! He can see stats!? but don’t expect it in the next couple of days.

Also, there is a new Novel up which is very good! It is called ‘Unrivaled Divinity’ and it is a Novel which blends Western Fantasy and Xianxia, so it has cultivating, martial arts, magic, swords, knights, monsters, powerful MC, NO CLICHES here.

Fayde of the Void Volume 3 (Arc 2) has also started and will be soon posted on here (it is currently up to chapter 3).