Chapter 1: A Soul Eater is born

“I utterly despise you!”

The number of times this soul had said those words could not be counted. There was no one this soul hated more than the god that had created it.

“I really wish you would speak to me in a more fitting tone. I did create you after all,” said the wily god to the unfortunate soul.

“Did I ask to be created? NO! Let me die already!”

“You know that can’t be, you are, after all, a soul destined for reincarnation, such is my gift to you.”


The soul spoke in anger, an anger fueled by pain.

“Now, now, please be calm. Can’t you the see the blessing that has been given to you? What other soul can say they remember all the lives they’ve lived? What other soul can say that they can speak with the one who created them?”

The god laughed. A laugh that lacked any mirth or cheer.

“How dare you laugh at my pain!? IS THIS A JOKE TO YOU!?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha. Foolish soul. The choices you made while living were your own, you are blessed with free will after all.”

“FREE WILL!? That’s nothing more than an illusion! What is the point of having choices when all of them lead to endless torment?”

Unhappy with what the god said, the soul was ready to spit out more words in anger, but stopped short.

“It looks like it is time for my 999th soul! Make sure to welcome me when I return!”

The soul had found a peculiar way to avoid what he hated most, which was being reincarnated. You see, at the moment of reincarnation, a thin veil breaks, where one with the right disposition could break free and find another way.

That was what this soul had discovered completely by mistake. But once done, it could not be undone. And so, a new being was born that day. A being known as a Soul Eater.

When that thin veil broke, it was able to slip inside the body of someone who had already been born, avoiding his own reincarnation. The unfortunate soul of his victim was swapped out and ended up being reincarnated into a new body, while the ‘Soul Eater’ took over the old one. He could only do this for a short time and he often failed, but time was not an issue for him. He would just try again.

He would devour a soul, just as he had done many times before.

This was just another one of those times.


A young woman in her mid-twenties called out to her beloved husband. They were in the early years of their marriage and were still filled with marital bliss.

“Yes baby, what is it?”

The young wife’s husband had just finished a long day of work and was resting by the fireplace in his favorite chair. She approached him with a coquettish smile, wrapping her arms gently around him and playfully kissing his neck. Nighttime was swiftly approaching and the warmth of the fire was always a welcoming place for young lovers.

“I love you.” She whispered into his ear.

The husband smiled at her before pulling her into his embrace, gently kissing her lips.

“I love you more.”

Their second kiss was more passionate but the young wife pulled away from her husband smiling.

“Not now.”

The husband made a disappointed face towards his wife in playful jest. He tried to pull her back, but she avoided him, taunting him with a smile.

“I said not now, later.”

The husband gave up begrudgingly and winked at his wife. “Alright, anyway what’s for dinner? Do you need any help?”

The husband rose from his seat and followed his wife into the kitchen. He always found it relaxing to help his wife with the cooking.

While cooking, he would often try to grope her but she would usually swipe his hand away with a gentle laugh. They truly were a happy couple, one with few cares in the world and plenty of hope for the future. They even had plans to bring a child into this world, something that they were putting on their efforts towards this evening.

Often when cooking, the young wife would sing unconsciously. Her husband would rarely point this out as he enjoyed listening to her sing. He especially loved the twinkle in her eye whenever she realized what she was doing or when she caught him listening.

There was something he found special with her eyes.

Whenever he would tease her about her singing, he would usually do so while wrapping his arms around her, hugging her closely. She would then kiss his hand, before resting her head on his arm in a loving embrace.

Because of this habit, she failed to see the sudden, and strange, emotionless gaze that suddenly filled her husband’s eyes. He carefully moved his hands around her neck and started to choke her. She barely realized what was happening as her body began to spasm, due to being unable to breathe properly. Her husband was clearly intent on ending her life.

He then threw her to the ground before pinning her down. All she could see in his eyes filled her with dread.

In the very last few moments of her life, all she could do was try to claw at the face of the one she loved. But that wasn’t enough for him, as she gasped for one last breath, her husband opened his mouth and placed it over hers. Her soul never made it to the afterlife.

“I see that you have returned. Again.”

If the soul had a face, he would be smirking at the god who had asked him that question. A smirk of victory for yet another soul devoured. He felt nothing for what he had done, placing all the blame on the god who had created him.

“You’re damn right I have returned, and I got another one! Are you satisfied yet? Are you feeling regret for ever creating such a despicable soul such as me?”

The soul laughed, but it wasn’t truly a laugh, because he was in fact, just a soul with a formless body.

“Don’t you think it is time to just let the natural course of things continue on? Why not head on to your next life?”

“Fuck you!”

“You really should be thanking me.”

“I hate you!”

“So it would seem, but your hatred is misguided.”

“Haven’t you gotten the fucking clue yet? I just devoured my 999th soul, when will you get it? Just end me already! I DON’T WANT TO LIVE AS A FUCKING SOUL ANYMORE!”

The despondent soul felt its creator would never understand. It was a being that only showed the guise of emotion, it was all a facade. That god the soul found so hateful, operated under some strange and alien sense of efficiency that seemed to have no room for compassion or love.

“I am sure the next life will be much better than your last.”

“What kind of fucking statement is that? My last life was horrible! Anything would be better! I am sick and tired of this shit. Look at these souls living in ignorant bliss, completely unaware of their past lives, whether they suffered or lived happily. They don’t know, and they don’t have to put up with you, you insufferable bastard! Why did you ever make me this way?”

“Every soul has the right to live, just as you do.”

“It would be a simple thing for you to just end everything and return me to nothingness!”

The god simply stared at the soul. Well, that was the feeling the soul got, anyway. He couldn’t be sure since his creator didn’t really have a face. The soul hated that he could feel these kinds of things.

“Why don’t you try living a new life in a new body?”

In this place where souls gathered before their reincarnation, time flowed differently and there was no way to know how long he had in fact been there. It may seem like mere seconds to him, but it could be hundreds or thousands of years.

“You know damn well I am not going to be reincarnated, but thanks for opening up the veil for me again! When I get back, let’s celebrate my 1000th soul!”

The soul once again slipped through the veil into another’s body.

A young boy was gleefully jumping up and down beside his grandfather, “Grandpa! Grandpa! Tell me again!”

The young boy’s grandfather smiled at him and let out a tired laugh, “Okay, one more time, but that’s it!” The young boy happily cheered.

“A long time ago, there was a little frog. This little frog would often watch the birds fly high in the sky. He would watch them for hours, always with envy in his eyes. For he too wished to fly and be free, like the birds of the sky, but it was not meant to be….”

The young boy listened to his grandfather’s story intently, with every word resounding in his heart. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much entertainment for a boy of his age that happened to live in such an out of the way place. He had no one to play with, except for his grandfather and his stories.

When his grandfather finished telling his story, the boy held out his hands, “Pick me up!”

“Ha ha! Up you go my boy.”

The grandfather happily picked up his grandson and placed him on his lap.

He put his arms around the boy as the boy playfully kicked his legs, and the both of them enjoyed the warm breeze blowing over the porch they sat on.

The boy felt his grandfather’s arms slowly tightening around him, but he paid it no mind, focusing his attention on a butterfly flying nearby. But the wrinkled limbs continued to tighten around the boy.

“Hey Grandpa, it hurts!” whined the child.

He had expected his grandfather’s hug to loosen, but it didn’t. Instead, he began to panic when the old man’s hands had found their way around his neck  He tried to struggle and kick free but even though the old man was frail, he was much too weak.

The boy didn’t understand what was happening to him, why his grandfather was hurting him. His eyes darted around frantically as he felt himself slowly falling asleep.

He tried to call out one last time, but no sound came from his throat. Only a small blue haze.

“A young boy this time? Don’t you feel any shame? Regret?” asked the faceless deity.

“None, do you?”

The soul returned the question right back at the god, but only got a shrug in response.

“I am not the one who has done wrong.”

The god claimed to love all life, yet didn’t even care that yet another soul had been devoured. This infuriatingly carefree attitude only served to annoy the ‘Soul Eater’ even more.

However, the stray soul didn’t understand the god’s way of thinking. Did its creator actually care at all what happened to the other souls?

This great architect that shaped the very cosmos did care in its own way, but it had a policy of noninterference which it didn’t wish to ignore.

Well, that was its initial plan. However, the all powerful being decided enough was enough.

“It is time for your reincarnation, won’t you accept this life I have given you?”

“Never! I will make my own path! Here I come 1,001! You’ll be seeing me again soon!”

The soul went on its merry way, thinking it would devour another soul, but this time something changed. The broken veil he sought, was nowhere in sight, it had been sealed shut.

That creation that tried to slip into another body to swap souls, instead found himself being sucked into a very familiar, and despicable hole. He had been tricked by that god which he hated most, “but why now?” the bewildered soul thought.

Once the bright light that had blinded the ‘Soul Eater’ had gone, it was then greeted by the sound of a wailing baby. But it wasn’t hearing the sound, it was emitting it.

Wait! What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK!? Oh shit, I’m a baby? I can’t believe this!

The god had indeed prepared a surprise. Normally when being brought back into this world, the soul would be transported into the body of a baby. But at some point, the soul had discovered it could take the body of another being if it were quick enough. Doing so would inevitably cause the new host body to die, but during a short period of time, it would be able to operate it and devour other souls.

As a newborn child, it was almost impossible to take the life of another for a few years. The lack of freedom was also an annoyance. The soul really hated this part of life almost as much as it hated god. Living as a baby was a nightmare, and trying to avoid it is what lead it to discover how to hijack the system…

Am I even a boy? Wait, yes, I am. At least there’s that. I hate being a girl, too much pain after puberty. Well, not that I plan to live that long anyway.

The ‘Soul Eater’ did its best to look at its surroundings, but it could only see blurry figures of a few individuals.  

As the baby boy was still crying, one of the individuals stepped forward and lifted him up, bringing him towards a pair of breasts.  Even though the soul’s consciousness had now started to merge properly with the mind, it still had little control over the body and immediately begun suckling at the nipple that was presented. Even though he did not want to drink, there was very little he could do to stop the body from reacting to its mother. At least when he started drinking the milk from her teat, his body calmed down to a certain degree.

For now, he would accept his family’s warmth, but unfortunately, there were no feelings of love. Those feelings had disappeared many lifetimes ago.

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