Empire of Souls: Volume 1

Empire of Souls

The ‘Soul Eater’ is a unique being who has been cursed with the memory of past lives and is unable to escape the torment of its memories and so it seeks oblivion only to be denied it. Having become despondent and tired of the constant cycle of birth and death, it rebels against an uncaring god and seeks to create a world in its own image.

Volume 1 of Empire of Souls finds our protagonist, Aleksandros, pursuing an unknown power. We are given a taste of the overpowering might of the one who possesses the legendary class known as the ‘Soul Eater’. With his power, he can create minions by shaping and molding the souls of the dead into his own image. He can define their personalities and even their physical form to whatever he desires.

Using his mysterious powers, Aleksandros seeks the mighty throne of Babylon, once the throne of Ishmael. From there, he will carve out his Empire of Souls!


Chapter 1: A Soul Eater is born

Chapter 2: The passionate (k)night

Chapter 3: New birth

Chapter 4: A predictable outcome

Chapter 5: Soul puppet

Chapter 6: Dirty business

Chapter 7: Dramatic effect

Chapter 8: Drama unfolds


Welcome to another world!

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