Sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks. We had some trouble with people who had joined up to translate, but then disappeared without any word. So, unfortunately, this has caused some issues. As for Porter of Two Worlds, this will have to be put on indefinite hold. Don’t know if that will be coming back or not.

I will try to have an update for Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles sometime next week (It will be chapter 39, since 38 is all biographies and maps)

As for Emperor! He can see stats!? This one will take more time but if possible, maybe by end of next week I will try to get a new chapter out.

For Eternal God Emperor, just waiting on the translator.

Work in Progress for the week

Just to give a status update since we don’t have a fixed regular schedule.

Currently I am working on Chapter 37 of Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles. I am 20% done. I would like to finish both Chapter 37 and 38 for this week.

If possible, I may fit in chapter 2 of Emperor! He can see stats!? on the weekend, but don’t expect it. If not, then definitely another chapter next week. It takes me longer to complete translating a chapter of this novel.

Translating has been completed on Eternal God Emperor chapter 1, just waiting for editing. Chapter 2 of the same Novel is close to completely being translated.

Porter of Two worlds chapter 3 has just begun being translated.

I spoke with Yoshi who was translating Nidome no Yuusha, and he has given me permission to continue where he left off. A new translator will be working on Chapter 30 of Nidome No Yuusha this weekend.

Fayde of the Void Rewrite Complete

Completely finished rewriting Fayde of the Void, so Volume 1 and 2 are complete (2 entire books)

They are still considered first drafts, but the plot/story is complete. I haven’t yet decided if I will continue the story even though this was only the first ARC of the story. I will wait to see if there is significant demand to continue or not.

I have also started a new Novel, titled “Limitless Magic” which will focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. So, each chapter will be large (around 5k words) and will go through double editing after each chapter is written.

We are working on the following Novels

Our team has grown to 6 members of which 4 are translators and 2 are editors.

We have two Chinese translators who are working on the following Novels:

Eternal God Emperor

Porter of Two Worlds

We haven’t worked out a schedule as of yet, but at a minimum we should be able to post 1 chapter a week, although I would like to do two chapters a week for these if possible.


I am working on Japanese and Korean translations so the Novels I am working on are:

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles (Japanese)

Emperor! Can you see stats? (Korean)

I also edit my own work. I hope to release at least one chapter of both of these a week.


The other translator who will be working on Japanese translations is relatively new to this so he will need some time to develop his skills. Which novel he will work on has not been decided yet.

Recruitment for Translation group

I am sending out a recruitment post to look for people interested in joining my team.

I have decided to put together a translation team. I have one person who I have recruited already who is an editor with experience editing Japanese light novel translations.

I am looking for all kinds of people who have skills or talents related to translating novels. These could be Light novels of Japanese, Chinese, or Korean origin.

Starting small for now, but looking to build a big team/group and perhaps at some point in the far future go professional with this. As in, seek out license agreements and produce published works similar to Wuxia world or other sites.

I am not looking to compete with sites like wuxiaworld or anything like that of course. There is a huge market out there regarding these types of novels and there is plenty of room for others to get involved. Again, this would be a long term goal.

In the short term, looking for people interested in building up the group and increasing our library of novels in any of the languages mentioned. Please contact me if you are interested. Use the contact page on the site.


Welcome to another world!