Fayde Vol2 Chp 4 posted

Chapter 4 of Fayde of the Void Volume 2 is up and there will most likely be another update later (chapter 5).

I am getting closer to finishing the rewrite of the original volume 2 now. Originally, there were three volumes, but I decided to merge the three into two. Half of volume 2 was merged into volume 1 and the rest will be merged into the content from volume 3 to make a new volume 2.

I am just about done with all of the original Volume 2 content and will soon start getting to the original volume 3 content. I hope to completely finish the new Volume 2 before the end of July. At that point, I can start completely new content!


I will probably work on another translated chapter of Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles soon.

Fayde Volume 2 and Otherworld Nation Chronicles 35

Chapter 1 of Volume 2 of Fayde of the Void is now up. I will now be trying to get many more chapters out by the end of next week. I hope to have at least another 6 or 7 chapters done by the end of next week. 

Also, someone had mentioned a translation aggregator program to me and I looked into it. I downloaded a bunch of stuff and it has proven to be very useful to me. Since Chapter 35 is somewhat of a short chapter and I wanted to test out the translation stuff, I started working on it already.  I am halfway done with it so it should be up sometime soon.

One last thing, I mentioned that my translations were machine translations, but that is actually the wrong term. Since I am new to all of this, I made a mistake when I said that. The correct term is machine assisted. My translations are not Machine translations.

Decided to take on a translation project! Also Empire of Souls is up here now.

I have decided to try my hand at a translation project in addition to writing my own original works.


Well, I really enjoyed reading this particular story but the translation stopped a while ago and no one has picked it up. I started attempting my own translation of it which has proven extremely difficult, but not impossible.

I have only translated one chapter so far, but it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Although I am not sure how accurate the translation actually is, I think I got the gist of the chapter down well enough.

I am using a machine translation and then my own creative license to translate. This means that the translation wont be exactly accurate and there may be some awkward phrases which don’t translate well. I got stuck a few times with some of the sentences which just didn’t translate well enough using machine translations. I had to improvise, but hopefully the rest of the chapters will go better.

The name of the Japanese web novel is : Otherworld Nation Chronicles.

My other original work is now posted here as well, but it is much more slow going than Fayde of the Void. The title is Empire of Souls, check it out!

Rewrite for Volume 1 of Fayde is complete

As the title says, I have completely finished the rewrite of Fayde of the Void Volume 1. There is also two designs which have been completed. One is with Fayde and Reia in a forest and the other is a character design of Allein.

The new Volume 1 of Fayde of the Void has a total of 28 chapters which includes the prologue, 24 chapters, interlude chapter, epilogue and Fayde’s Notebook chapter. It is now approximately 324 pages in length.


New Images

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This is a work in progress


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