Translated works

I decided to try my hand at translations and so I will post the links here of any web novels or light novels I decide to try my hand at translating. Translations are done using machine translations and my own creative license. I can’t promise the translations will be entirely accurate, but I will do my best to ensure that the translations will be as accurate as I can make them. This all depends on the difficulty and because of my lack of ability in Japanese, it will be especially difficult to translate phrases that are unique to the Japanese culture and/or language. 

Any help with translations are appreciated and any phrases I have difficulty with, I will make note of in the chapter itself in case anyone can share their insight.

I am doing this as  a hobby and my own original works will take precedence. Try reading them as well and let me know what you think!

Translation projects:

Otherworld Nation Chronicles

Welcome to another world!

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